Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facebook Fans

If you are one of the billion facebook users out there, you might be interested in becoming friends with me on facebook. You can search for me by typing in my email address  in the "search" box at the top of the page when you are logged in to your facebook account. Or you can click on this link and send me a friend request. I will accept your request and you will be able to follow my posts online. I often post my newest job searches on facebook in order to take advantage of the social network and look for referrals. Just remember though, if the message you would like to send me is something that should be kept private, you probably want to contact me in a private message or personal email rather than writing on the facebook wall. You never know who might be reading your post. Since my name, Julie Smith, is rather common, make sure that you are searching for me using the link above. You will see my picture on the profile page.

While you are on facebook, make sure to become a fan of the Westbrook Consulting Services page. Go to and hit the "like" button. The Westbrook Page will provide similar announcements about new jobs and also serve as a resource for candidates and clients.

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