Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dear Transportation Professionals,

Welcome to September! With school back in session and Labor Day right around the corner, yet another summer season is over. In past years we found “summer” to be synonymous with “busy.” While the summer of 2009 was busier than the winter, it didn’t prove to set any records for most movers. The talk of the bad economy looms in almost every conversation and we are all wondering, “When is it going to get better?”

Here is some good news based on the numbers of the last week of August. The latest data from the Commerce Department says that wages are flat but spending is up. While we are only talking about a 0.2% rise in spending, this is the third straight monthly gain, which is in line with economist’s forecasts. While personal incomes are laying flat for now, they are 2.4% below the levels of last year.

The really good news is that new home sales are way up! In July 2009, new home sales increased by a whopping 9.6% which is the fourth straight monthly gain. Inventory of new homes is finally starting to shrink. An estimated 271,000 new homes were on sale at the end of July, a low not seen since March of 1993. Sales rose in 3 of the nation’s 4 geographic areas with an impressive 16.2% in the South. Sales fell only in the Midwest by 7.2%. It is predicted that buyers will continue to have the upper-hand in new home sales for the next 12-18 months.

While summer 2009 didn’t prove to be exciting for many movers, it gave most movers enough work to get through the summer and save up for a slower winter. This wasn’t a big surprise as most people predicted that this summer would produce less than desirable results as far as revenues were concerned. While it takes time for a suffering and uncertain economy to mend itself, we have seen people become more proactive about taking positive steps to move forward and we predict that 2010 will be a better year for us all.

Of course we are still in the business of recruiting top notch professionals for the moving and storage industry. While we have watched some of our competitors close their doors, we have worked hard to persevere forward and to put some creative energy in coming up with affordable solutions for our clients. Right now it’s all about the money and we recognize that. Of the nation’s dozen or so moving and storage recruiting firms, we have seen 3 get out of the business since the calendar opened in 2009. Others are pursuing other types of work as well, but we are proud to continue servicing this industry and to be able to work with our candidates and clients alike to put some of the most impressive candidates with some of the most impressive companies all while reducing both the cost and risk involved.

Are you looking to hire? Do you need to add to your team? Do you need to upgrade your staff with some stronger employees and proven revenue producing salespeople? In a market like this, the company with the best talent will win. We are working with many very qualified candidates who are discreetly looking for new opportunities. You will find that in an uncertain market, the best candidates are concerned about the privacy of their search and therefore choose to work with a professional recruiter to help them source opportunities.

Here are some examples of the types of candidates we are currently working with:

1 – Operations Manager, Southeast US – willing to relocate, major van line experience, general management experience, proven record of turning a branch from unprofitable to profitable, complete understanding of P&L, very hands-on

2 – National Account Sales Producer, Northeastern US – averaging sales of over $100,000.00 per month in line-haul alone, exceptional ability to close business and create long term relationships with large clients, very diverse background and can also secure GSA, International, O&I and COD business

3 – General Manager, Texas – strong sales background, ability to lead a diverse sales team while also producing personal sales, P&L experience, looking for a medium/small company to serve as a general manager

4 – Operations Manager, Midwest US – willing to relocate, experience working for freight, household goods, and truckload carriers, quality oriented, leadership ability to build teams and develop strategies to improve overall operations

5 – Sales Manager, New York – proven ability to produce household goods sales and lead a team, looking for an opportunity to advance career as a manager in NY.

6 – O&I / Commercial Salesperson , Chicago IL – 20+ years of personal sales production specializing in the office and industrial sector of the business, proven history of booking $1 Million + in annual sales

7 – General Manager, California – willing to relocate, manager of a multi-location agent for a major van line, strong operations background, full management and P&L responsibility for $12+ Million company, looking for an opportunity outside of CA

8 – Customer Service / Inside Sales / Marketing, Minneapolis, MN – proven history and ability to work from either home or office, extensive knowledge of local marketplace, looking for a more stable company in the twin cities metro area

9 – Operations Manager, Midwest US – willing to relocate, 14 years experience as a driver, 3 years in sales and 10 years in operations, has managed up to 150 drivers and crews, experienced in HHG, O&I, International and Logistics, Excellent driver recruitment and retention, looking for operations management opportunity outside of the Midwest

10 – Customer Service / Coordinator, Texas – 10+ years experience working in customer service and quality control, experienced in dispatch and accounting as well, Texas native looking for a more stable company.

11 – International Relocation Specialist, Midwest US – RIM certified, Global Mobility Specialist, Extensive experience in International Relocations, Progressive experience as a trainer and team builder, ability to grow a company’s revenue through full service relocations and international moving

12 – General Manager, Louisiana – Louisiana native, knows the marketplace and how to succeed there, existing relationships with local drivers and crews, quality oriented with full P&L understanding, proven ability to turn around less than desirable branches, looking for a local opportunity

Because most of these candidates are working, we cannot list more specific information about them. To discuss them, or any other candidates that might not be listed here, in more detail, please call us at 708-946-1300 or email

Are you looking for a new job? Would you consider a new opportunity if it meant working for a more stable company? There has certainly been talk about the exorbitant number of lay-offs, required furlough days off and drastic pay cuts. A new opportunity may afford you a better peace of mind, especially if your income is essential in taking care of your family. If you aren’t looking for a new opportunity, please still browse the list. You may be able to help out a friend by sending them in our direction. We always appreciate referrals.

Here are some of the positions we are currently working on filling:

This candidate must be a sales oriented manager with van line experience and should have experience handling diverse business lines.

This candidate should be operations oriented and be willing to work in a very hands-on environment.


This candidate needs to be willing to work odd hours as needed. The company prefers someone who is bilingual and can fluently speak Spanish. This person should have experience with DOT, shipping, inventory and logistics.

5. COD SALES in the following locations:
- Los Angeles, CA
- Houston, TX
- Orange County, CA
- Santa Barbara, CA
- Tucson, AZ

6. O&I SALES in the following locations:
- Houston, TX
- San Francisco, CA
- Oakland, CA
- Phoenix, AZ
- Tucson, AZ
- Tampa, FL
- Harrisburg, PA
- Chicago, IL
- Dallas, TX

7. NATIONAL ACCOUNT HOUSEHOLD GOODS SALES in the following locations:
- Phoenix, AZ
- Pittsburgh, PA
- Philadelphia, PA
- Dallas, TX
- Minneapolis, MN
- Boston, MA
- Los Angeles, CA
- Hartford, CT
- Orlando, FL
- Jackson, MS


Because of the confidential nature of our job orders, we cannot provide specific information here. If you would like more details on any of these positions or others that might not be listed at all, please call us directly at 708-946-1300 or email

As we all strive to network more and work together, LinkedIn has really taken off in the moving and storage industry. More and more professionals are creating profiles on LinkedIn to showcase their experience and skill sets. If you’d like to take a look at my LinkedIn profile, you can find it here:
Click on “Add Julie Smith to your network” and I will gladly accept your invitation whether or not we have connected in the past. I am happy to network with and get to know new people in the industry each day.

Everyone needs to have a good doctor, a good accountant and a good recruiter. Let me be your eyes and ears in the marketplace and discretely help you to find what you are looking for. It’s my job. It’s what I do and I do it well. I am committed to delivering results and will help you in any way I can. As we come to a close at the end of this 3rd quarter, I wish you the best in wrapping up your year and for a very positive and productive 4th quarter.

Warm Regards,

Julie Smith

President, Westbrook Consulting Services
Executive Recruiter for the Moving & Storage Industry