Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chipman Relocation Sells their East Coast Facility!

The announcement has been made official. Chipman Relocation (a United Van Lines agent with multiple offices in California) has sold their office in Upper Marlboro, MD!!!

A couple of years ago Chipman purchased the MD branch from Greenmount United. Today, this branch is being sold to none other than, Ace Relocation.

What's that you say? Ace Relocation already has a branch in Baltimore? (for you moving and storage history enthusiasts out there - Ace Relocation's Baltimore office was the original Ace World Wide Baltimore office!) No, Ace Relocation will not be occupying two facilities in MD. Rather, the lease is up on their original location in Baltimore and they have decided to move into the old Greenmount office.

Chipman made this news public earlier this week to their staff, so we have decided to announce it to the rest of you. The good news is that many of the Chipman employees in MD will be picked up by Ace, thus not putting people on the streets as spring hits. Chipman will continue to concentrate on their west coast offices in CA, OR, and WA where they have years of positive successful history to build on. Good luck to Ace Relocation as they make their big move!

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